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Eden Academy Trust

Eden Academy Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust consisting of primary schools in Hartlepool, England.

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Our Governing Body

Governors work closely with headteachers, school staff and trust board. 

We have a very active and supportive governing body who are closely involved in all aspects of school life. 

Governor Committee Structure

Recent Governor Resignations

  • Matthew Atkinson – Headteacher – 31/12/17
  • Lisa Addison – Parent – 22/11/17
  • Jemma Cook – Parent – 24/4/18
  • Helen Middlemas – Parent 31/12/17
  • Alison Pearce – Staff 31/8/18
  • Beryl Dockerty – LA – 31/12/17
  • Andy Lewis-Woodhead – Co-opted – 20/7/18
  • John Burton – LA – 04/03/19
  • Les Oliver – Co-opted – 26/03/19
  • Kaye Marshall – Co-opted – 31/03/19
  • Vicky Parnaby – Parent – 06/01/2020
  • Linsey Ellis - 16/01/2020
  • Valeria Dowson - 
  • Louise Dollings - Headteacher - 31/08/2020
  • Emma Lowes - Chair - 11/09/2020
  • Gillian Danby - 16/10/2020
  • Kirsty  Connolly - 18/05/2021
  • Julie Thomas - 16/11/2021

Personnel Committee

Chair: Mrs Charli Atkinson

Terms of Reference/Areas of Responsibility

  • All Teaching Staff appointments
  • Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher appointments will be subject to consideration by the full Governing Body and if the appointment is delegated to a panel will need to be endorsed by the full Governing Body
  • Non-teaching staff appointments (temporary appointments to be made by the Headteacher and reported to Governors)
  • When teaching and non-teaching appointments are made by this committee, shortlisting for those appointments will also be by this committee
  • Review temporary contracts on an annual basis
  • To ensure that a Performance Management Policy is in place
  • Consider staff Leave of Absence (only if necessary after delegation to Headteacher).

Meetings: Half-Termly
Pecuniary interest.

Delegation to Headteacher

  • Appointment of Temporary non-teaching staff
  • Appointment of Supply cover
  • All other posts with the involvement of one of more Governor(s)

In matters of Discipline and/or Capability, Redundancy and Ill health.

  • First Committee

Virement & Expenditure Limits

Virement Limits Expenditure Limits
Limit set for Headteacher without prior written approval of Chair or Governing Body 5,000 Any items of expenditure up to 5,000
Limit set for Headteacher with approval from Chair of Governors Between
5,000 and
Above this limit if item was previously notified to the Governing Body/Finance, Premises & Grounds Committee Prior Finance Committee or
Chair of Governors approval (whichever is the soonest) to be sought outside of this limit and reported at the earliest opportunity.
Prior Finance Committee or Chair of Governors approval (whichever is the soonest) to be sought outside of this limit and reported at the earliest opportunity.

NB Any goods/services purchased and works to be carried out are subject to Durham County Council Contract Procedure Rules (January 2014) for quotations

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